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  PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
 00000111[Netfilter (Kernel)]
Source Code
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2013-10-08[PATCH] Support for Linux Kernel 2.6.35+
All protocols
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2011-11-03Typo in bittorrent.pat
 0000004 [Protocols]
All protocols
majoracknowledged (dsokoloski)2011-11-03Outbound smtp connections are blocked by the skype udp rule
 0000005 [Protocols]
minoracknowledged (dsokoloski)2011-11-03HTTPS web sites blocked when rtp.pat enabled
 0000006 [Userspace]
Source Code
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2011-08-02Build fails with libnetfilter_conntrack >= 0.0.100
featureresolved (dsokoloski)2010-10-25Fixes for quake-halflife
featureresolved (dsokoloski)2010-10-25Pattern definition for Adobe Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)
Source Code
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2010-08-30l7-filter-userspace-0.11 arm/ppc getopt help screen issue
Source Code
minorresolved (dsokoloski)2010-08-30Plug memory leak during pattern loading
Source Code
crashresolved (dsokoloski)2010-07-22Make l7_connections map access thread-safe
All protocols
textresolved (pbaldwin)2010-07-22Change SourceForge references to ClearFoundation
textresolved (pbaldwin)2010-05-03Change SourceForge references to ClearFoundation